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MerkedOutBeatz, LLC

What is this company about? To help answer this, it’s best if I tell you how it started. Back in 2012, I was really motivated to create a brand that would serve as the host for my work as a music producer. After careful thought, I finally came up with the name MerkedOutBeatz. “Merked” means ‘to kill’, so in a sense it stood for a company based off of “killing beats”.

This was the foundation of what was to come. After a few years of developing myself as a producer under the new name, I was beginning to branch out into many other creative fields. I began audio engineering at our partner studio Rotation Records in 2013, and for the next year did everything from recording music videos to designing websites for music clients.

As the company grew, so did the projects. I began working with clients that were much larger than just the local area. In 2014, it was time to create the business legitimately. I created an LLC and could now officially be known as a business entity. For the next 2 years, I worked with hundreds of new clients, and met many different people from all over the industry. During this time I personally began working with Live Nation in the Philadelphia Clubs & Theaters Market. In 2015, this included being part of the opening staff at Philly’s newest music venue, The Fillmore Philadelphia. I have used this time to understand the industry and get hands-on experience with the operation of live shows. (Learn More Here)

Going forward, I am looking to expand into a full service production company. This business offers many different services for all different types of clients. I intend to partner and work with a diverse group of people and organizations. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out this form so I can get in touch with you or your company directly. I am motivated everyday to expand on my craft, and meeting new people is part of what makes my job incredible. Below you will find some press that we have gotten over the years.